1990 BMW R100GS by Diamond Atelier

1990 BMW R100GS by Diamond Atelier - TheArsenale

Diamond Atelier loves BMW motorcycles and if you scroll through their previous builds you will find a generous amount of Bavarian machines. This time, their build takes a different approach. 

They started with a 1990 BMW R100GS and decided to upgrade it and keep it period correct at the same time. Matter of fact, these bikes have seen such extensive customizations that it is hard to see something new built on them. So they went against the grain and decided to keep the upgrades as subtle as possible; including a Wilber Nightline suspension system, short subframe, ABM-lines, and a CNC machined fork brace. The result is a bike seemingly frozen in time, without the advancements of technology and design but with all the flair of a classic motorcycle.