2021 Ford Bronco - Return of an Icon

2021 Ford Bronco - Return of an Icon - TheArsenale

The Bronco is one of the most iconic SUVs in the history of automotive design and Ford has finally unveiled the new version of the legendary vehicle. 

Staying true to its classic roots, the new Bronco retains the iconic styling of its legendary predecessor. The 2021 version features removable door and roof panels that transform it into the ultimate open-air offroad ride. It features a G.O.A.T system that has seven selectable drive modes that will make the DanaAdvaTek front axle and Dana 44 rear axle work according to your choice. It even has a Trail Toolbox that will offer low-speed offroad cruise control as well as torque vectoring. 

Despite its modern, clean styling; the Bronco is a serious SUV that has some of the best in-class ground clearrance, departure angles and much more. The Bronco will come in two engine options, a 2.7L Ecoboost V6 making 310HP and a 2.3L Ecoboost 4-cylinder making 270HP. What got us enthusiasts going is the 7-speed manual version. With three different versions on the production line, we're sure that there will be a Bronco for everyone.