Alfa Brings Back the GTA

Alfa Brings Back the GTA - TheArsenale

The original Giulia came out back in 1965 with an amazing design penned by Bertone and the performance to match. It was then made even better by creating the GTA (Gran Turismo Alleggerita) of it, the racing version which was lighter and faster.

Alfa is now bringing back the GTA in the form of the new four-door Giulia rocking 540 hp by a fire-breathing V6. They released two versions, GTA and GTAm. The GTAm is a proper race-specced two-seater with six-point harnesses, Lexan windows, carbon fiber panels and driveshaft as well as a roll cage; resulting in a weight loss of 100 kg. Working together with Sauber, Alfa Romeo developed a new body kit with improved aerodynamics as well as a new suspension. The front and rear tracks are also winder and gain massive style points for an aggressive looking exterior. Only 500 GTA and GTAm will be made and the latter will come with a racing helmet, Alpinestars racing suit and a racing course by the Alfa Romeo Driving Academy.