Amar Cycles, Handcrafted and Revived Vintage Bikes

Amar Cycles, Handcrafted and Revived Vintage Bikes - TheArsenale

Amar Cycles is a traditional bike building company located in Morocco. The genius behind the brand is architect and designer Jonathan Amar. 

The art-bikes are completely hand made by Mr. Amar himself and each one of them is an intricate piece of art. All of them feature unique hand-engravings and come in an extensive amount of shapes and forms. They're separated into Modern and Vintage ones, having an appropriate offering for all kinds of riders. The Vintage bikes are truly vintage; as they are revived vintage bicycles worked to perfection by Amar. Only the frame is kept and the other components are brand new ones are installed for a modern experience despite the aged origins. Each of the frames is brought to factory fresh shape and is then hand detailed for a unique and tailored bicycle. 

Each of the bikes has a unique character but there is something common about all of them; craftsmanship, leather, incredible materials and hand engravings in the most intricate patterns. The engravings can be found in the handles, seat posts, cranks, handlebars and even bar ends. If you're looking for a unique bicycle, a work of art ready to be taken for a ride; then Amar Cycles is the perfect choice. Click HERE to browse the Amar Cycles collection on TheArsenale and check back because it is constantly expanding.