Anicorn Watches, Beat the Clock!

Anicorn Watches, Beat the Clock! - TheArsenale

Early 2014, graphic designer Joe Kwan and entrepreneur Chris Chan came together to create a brand new watch. Their mission? Creating a modern way to tell the time, straying far from conventional watches. Design, typeface, mechanism and style came together to form their K452. In under 24 hours, the watch was successfully funded through Kickstarter. 

5 years later and they have a plethora of substantial collaborations under their belt. Starting off their lineup is the collaboration between the brand and London-based artist Philip Colbert. Colbert's multidisciplinary artistic capabilities have been explored in this dual-branded watch. His lobster alter-ego now tells you the time by pointing his pop-claws. This one was limited to 25 pieces.

Following up his artistic collaborations is Daniel Arsham, New York based artist that re-imagines today's objects as ancient discoveries of future civilizations. The sides are engraved with the words PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE and the typeface perfectly lines up at 11:00 AM/PM; a time of the day which holds spiritual importance for many people. This unique collaboration includes an hourglass, art gloves and more for a full-on art experience.

NASA was next to join their impressive collaborations with a unique timepiece that sold out before hitting the market. The watch was a celebration of their 60th anniversary, marking the continuous sacrifice and endless sacrifice for space exploration. Unlike other watches, this one is covered in a Cerakote Ceramic Coating that gives it a flat white surface. Limited to 60 pieces accordingly, it sold out in only few hours before even going live.

Last but not least, we had the chance to have our own collaboration with Anicorn Watches. TheArsenale brought its identity and expertise to the chronological world and it can be clearly seen in the bright orange identity it has taken. The sides are marked with our three symbols representing International Motion Authority, with the timepiece being packed in a bright orange box that captures our vivid colors and our drive and passion for mobility.

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