Ares Project Panther, a Huracan in a Bespoke Suit

Ares Project Panther, a Huracan in a Bespoke Suit - TheArsenale

Ares entered the coachbuilding scene in the most fantastic way possible by turning an already insane Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG into the X-Raid. This time they revealed their new project dubbed "Panther" which draws inspiration from the muscular bodywork of the classic Italian exotic DeTomaso Pantera. Read the full story about the X-Raid by clicking HERE!

Confirmed for production in ARES' Modena headquarters, the "Project Panther" will be the first project to be entirely designed, engineered and built in their new factory in 2018. Led by Mihai Panatescu, ARES Design's in-house design team set a goal to create an iconic car based on an already incredible chassis. Inspired by the DeTomaso Pantera, the "Project Panther" will be based on a 2017 Lamborghini Huracan. In a clear attempt to establish their name as the world's finest bespoke coach-builders, ARES wants to engrave their name in the automotive world forever with this new project. 

The ARES Project Panther is currently under final design changes, aerodynamic tuning and crash-test engineering in their Modena facility. It will see a very short production run despite the numbers not being made public yet. The new images released by ARES show an already impressive car. They were also shown in private to clients, leading to a number of confirmed pre-orders for the upcoming car.