London-based EV start-up Ark has made headlines with its latest offering, the Ark Zero. Dubbed "the UK's most affordable electric car," this microcar is priced at £5995. Designed specifically for urban environments, the Ark Zero has a range of just over 50 miles (80 kilometers) and a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h), making it unsuitable for motorway driving. With its compact size, the vehicle comfortably accommodates two passengers and a pet.

Measuring 98.4 inches (250 cm) in length, 47.3 inches (120 cm) in width, and 64 inches (162 cm) in height, the Ark Zero is a small electric car built for navigating congested city streets. The microcar features a wheelbase of 67.7 inches (172 cm). While the Ark Zero is considered a competitor to the Citroen Ami, the growing popularity of smaller and more affordable electric vehicles across Europe suggests a broader market for such vehicles. 

Despite its compact design, Ark Motors claims that the Ark Zero is the most functional car since the Ford Model T. The start-up emphasizes the need to address market demands efficiently and affordably, without unnecessary over-engineering. While the company intends to release an A-segment car in the near future, no further details have been disclosed. Additionally, Ark Motors has created a buzz by announcing plans to launch autonomous ride-hailing services in London starting next year, although details about this venture are scarce. The professionalism exhibited during the Ark Zero launch suggests the involvement of larger players who have chosen to remain silent for the time being.

Although initially targeting the domestic market, Ark Motors has ambitions to expand its presence in other countries. Interested buyers can only purchase the Ark Zero online through the company's website, further aligning with its digital-focused approach.

📷: ARK