Arquus Scarabee Armored Vehicle

Arquus Scarabee Armored Vehicle - TheArsenale

Volvo is a pioneer of safety, whether it is applied to automobiles, their construction equipment or semi trucks. A lesser known venture of the Swedish manufacturer is their military focused division Arquus.


In the 2019 Paris Auto Show, Arquus presented the Scarabee that is said to be joining the French army later this year. This armored vehicle is a hybrid and uses both a traditional ICE with electirc motors that allow for full silent operation when stealth is a mission priority. It also featured four wheel drive and four wheel steering, which makes it capable for diagonal maneuvering. Weighing at 6 tons, the Scarabee is a mean machine thgat is meant to be tackling all the challenges of a military operations. Other features include a central driving position, R/C trailer and the capability to be deployed and airlifted from helicopters.