Aston Martin x Brough AMB 001 Motorcycle

Aston Martin x Brough AMB 001 Motorcycle - TheArsenale

If you know anything about motorcycles, chances are you recognize Brough Superior as the Rolls Royce of the motorcycling world. Their bikes have always stolen the show with massive prices in auctions, with a well-preserved example snatching nearly $500,000 in 2014. 

In a rather unconventional collaboration, Aston Martin has decided to join forces with the legendary British motorcycle manufacturer. The result is called the AMB 001, a track-only machine that marks the first time Aston Martin appears on a motorcycle. What it also carries with it, is the focus on performance reminiscent of the Valkyrie hypercar. It uses a 180hp turbocharged V-Twin engine that's paired to a lightweight carbon frame, keeping the weight an impressive sub 180 kgs. 

Styling-wise, we can easily see the touch of Aston Martin on this bike. A strake runs across the fuel tank and ends up separating the digital display. Instead of the traditional telescopic forks, suspension now relies on a double-wishbone setup for the front. All parts have been CNC machined and tailored for this bike. As if these tidbits weren't enough, the limited number of these is capped at 100. We expect to see loaded track enthusiasts churn out their money for a chance to ride this monster because a nudge under $120,000 is what they want you to pay for it.