Auto Fabrica Type 18 - BMW R nine T Scrambler

Auto Fabrica Type 18 - BMW R nine T Scrambler - TheArsenale

Ever since the conception of Auto Fabrica, brothers Gaz and Bujar Muharremi have never failed to impress us with the quality and design of their bikes. For the first time, we see a futuristic build with sharp corners and an aggressive stance. 

Based on a BMW R nine T, the bike was already a playground for customization from the ground-up. BMW Motorrad provided them the bike and then sat down to be amazed by their work. To begin with, they stripped down the bike to better understand how they could transform it. Bringing back the roots of BMW as an airplane engine manufacturer, the brothers designed aeronautical panels which were crafted with traditional aluminum and 3D printing. 

The end result? A machine that seems to be stuck between asphalt and the clouds. A motorcycle that inspires you to twist the throttle until you get tunnel vision. Once again, Auto Fabrica proves their worth as one of the world's best custom motorcycle manufacturer.