BMW K101 by Impuls

BMW K101 by Impuls - TheArsenale

Based on a K100 from 1985, the BMW K100 Impuls K101 Motorcycle takes a three-decade-old bike and brings it firmly into modern times. The K101 is a handcrafted motorcycle projected from Philipp Wulk and Matthias Pittner aka Impuls in collaboration with the artist Fabian Gatermann.

The bike is handbuilt in Munich by Impuls. The artist Fabian Gatermann brought the whole motorcycle back into 3D and created a set of polygons through manual iteration and draw them back onto the motorcycle by hand. The k101 project builds a new fusion between art and motorcycle. The bike is fully street legal only if you change the exhaust and add mirrors and a license plate. Levers and footpegs are from ABM_Motorrad, a longer shock by Wilbers was also added and they have used a K1100 drivetrain on a modified K100 frame with custom exhaust.

The single piece tank and seat were totally hand-painted by Gatermann to make this a mobile piece of art.