BMW Shreds World Drift Record, Twice

BMW Shreds World Drift Record, Twice - TheArsenale

BMW is well known for flaunting its tire shredding machines and back in 2013 it set the world record for the longest drift at 51.278 miles. The record was set by Johan Schwartz in their Spartanburg facility. This time, Schwartz destroyed his previous record by drifting for 232.5 miles.

How did they do it? It required some good planning and the use of sweet, sweet technology. BMW created a custom-developed mid-drift refueling device, just like aerial fueling ones; because drifting a twin-turbocharged V8 makes for a very, very thirsty M5. This plan required a second M5, a F10 one that was drifting in parallel at a set distance so Matt Butts could refuel the M5 while on the move. "Although we practiced the refueling several times before the Guinness World Records title attempt, there was very little margin for error," said Matt Butts. 

After a long 8 hours with over 2000 laps, BMW decided to break another record. So Schwartz got back in his M5 and was joined by Matt Mullins in another M5 to execute a one-hour water-assisted tandem drift over a length of 49.25 miles. Oh, the Germans.