BMW R100R Moon Walker by Ironwood Custom Motorcycles

BMW R100R Moon Walker by Ironwood Custom Motorcycles - TheArsenale

This extraterrestrial motorcycle, influenced by both cafe racer and scramblers was created, built and imagined by Arjan van den Boom.


Ironwood Custom Motorcycles claim that the Moon Walker blends the bobber vibe of Ironwood’s Death Star builds, with a little of The Mutant’s modern café racer aggression. Arjan van den Boom the Ironwood founder says that the goal of this creation was to make it look more colorful and outspoken than The Death Star series and less aggressive and better handling than the Mutant. Built from the skeleton of a BMW R100R the design of the bike is a real masterpiece and its painted with a deep green complemented by brown leather.


The Moon Crawler’s finished with one-off pieces like the front fender, billet gas cap, and laser-cut tank emblems also the front brakes setup is now all Brembo. And the tires have been switched out to dual- sport. The moon crawler seat is mounted directly to the frame. Ironwood have given the motor a refresh with new gaskets and seals, then painted and powder coated various bits to get it looking new. They have made this bike look cool to the eye and fun to ride. The gents behind it claim that is an interesting mash-up of styles but in the end, it's paid off.