BMW Vision M Next Coupe Concept

BMW Vision M Next Coupe Concept - TheArsenale

BMW has a long history of creating mouth-watering concepts that tease the future of their lineups. The Vision M Next Coupe aims to be the successful successor of the legendary M1.

The styling cues are similar to the other concepts with sharp corners and headlights that would pierce chainmail. A turbocharged four cylinder engine is paired to an electric counterpart, together compounding at over 600 horsepower. The car can operate on both the engines separately as well. All-wheel drive can easily be turned to rear wheel drive which could result in the end getting loose; especially if you press the Boost+ button which will jolt the car forward thanks to an electric power spike. BMW has claimed the car will have a top speed of 186 mph and it will reach 60 mph in only three seconds. In typical fashion, the interior uses AR elements to incorporate the driver into the experience; it even measures their heart rate. 

We are excited to see how the production model will look but we do believe it will rise to the standard set by the Bavarian house's concepts.