Boom Technology Wants to Make Supersonic Travel Affordable

Boom Technology Wants to Make Supersonic Travel Affordable - TheArsenale

The advancement of technology has allowed for huge developments in the transportation field that aim to create a faster, more efficient and safer transport. Lately Elon Musk unveiled his Boring Company and fed the Hyperloop hype. However, it might take a few years before the Hyperloop network becomes a reality. This March, Boom Technology increased the funding of their supersonic air travel jet by $3 million.

boom technologies supersonic

Their key project, the Supersonic borrows styling details from the discontinued Concorde supersonic jet, which traveled the world at twice the speed of sound. After Concorde's discontinuation in 2003, there hasn't been a supersonic jet flying passengers across the globe and Boom Technology aims to change that. It will fit around 50 passengers and will be full of luxurious commodities and amenities inside. While jet plane technology is fairly dated, with today's advancements in technology, it is possible to create an efficient but costly method of transportation. 

boom technologies supersonic

According to Boom Technology, the Supersonic will have a lightweight carbon fiber body with beefed up turbofan engines. The main disadvantage of the Concorde was the poor cost efficiency, which can be fixed with modern materials after the FAA approves the used materials. Prices will be a little high for the Boom Supersonic in a range of $2,000 to $4,000 but considering the shortening of travel time, it could be a perfect choice for the wealthy traveler.

boom technologies supersonic

With all the recent funding and technological advancements, the Boom Technologies Supersonic could very well become a reality soon, with flights taking as little as 3 hours between continents. 

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