Brubaker Box Van Concept

Brubaker Box Van Concept - TheArsenale

The original Brubaker Box was a fiberglass kit that would bolt on the classic Beetle chassis, a base that received a lot of love in those times; sparking the creation of the legendary Baja Bug as well. This van conversion kit had a very limited production run so it is now a highly sought after vehicle for collectors. 

Designer Samir Sadikhov decided to revive this jolly little van kit by bringing it to the 21st century, making full use of the electric vehicle technology freely available nowadays. With a flat chassis as the base, it allows for accurate reproduction of the original aesthetics of the van. The historically correct concept puts a driver seat along with a passenger seat up front and the iconic lounging seat in the rear. It also features an elongated panoramic roof that runs vertically along the entire vehicle.  The addition of the wooden bumpers is another classy touch and brings the whole vehicle together as a luxurious lounging space.