BST HyperTek Electric Motorcycle

BST HyperTek Electric Motorcycle - TheArsenale

While Blackstone Tek might not be a new name for motorcycle connoisseurs who have sported carbon wheels since day one, it certainly is a newcomer to actually making motorcycles. 

Designed by Pierre Terblance, the man behind many Ducatis; this new in-house motorcycle is a breath of fresh air in the world of motorcycles. Unsurprisingly, it uses a monocoque chassis with a machined aluminum subframe. The rear is lifted by a single-sided swingarm that gives the bike a unique look. Most surprisingly, there is no instrument panel on the bike. It comes with a helmet that uses a HUD to display all relevant information to the rider. 

The bike is powered by a DHX Hawk motor with 107 hp which will last you a good 186 miles of range. Charging speed is blazing quick with a 30 minute estimated charging time. HyperTek will be manufactured in limited numbers so if you want to secure yours, you better head to their official website over here