Bugatti La Voiture Noire - A legend, reborn

Bugatti La Voiture Noire - A legend, reborn - TheArsenale

One of the most iconic Bugattis of all time is undisputedly the Type 57 SC Atlantic, a car that has kept a status of royalty in the classic scene. In lieu of Jean Bugatti's lost Type 57 SC, Bugatti has created "La Voiture Noire"; a modern, insane reinterpretation of the lost car. 

It comes at a price though and it's quite the price; it's actually the most expensive new car ever sold at $18.68M with taxes included. It is hard to compare it to anything out there because there are no players in the field La Voiture Noire is playing. It draws design cues from the Divo but it clearly uses a whole different body full of soft lines reminiscent of its classic heir. It uses the same engine, the quad-turbo W16 with 1,479 HP and 1,180 lb/ft of torque. If it's insane power wasn't obvious enough, Bugatti put 6 exhaust pipes in the back; a move that I would often address to a 6 year old drunk on Fast and Furious but the Molsheim speed maniacs have managed to pull the look off without overkilling it. 

We have no idea what the interior looks like as it was kept a mystery even during the reveal but certainly the Bugatti enthusiast that purchased this must have asked for a couple of changes in there.