Canoo Makes The EV Of The Future

Canoo Makes The EV Of The Future - TheArsenale

Canoo is a South Korean and Los Angeles based startup that focuses on building electric vehicles. One of the key things we first saw when we were introduced with the brand is its eclectic design.

Nothing about Canoo's EV speaks the same language as other automobiles. Despite their relatively juvenile age in the EV world, they finished the design and engineering of their first vehicle in only 19 months. Canoo even has a bunch of beta cars in their LA headquarters for potential customers and investors to try out. What makes these EVs so impressive is the fact that they are built on a platform that serves as an incredibly complex "skateboard" deck that can serve as the foundation for any vehicle body and purpose. 

The vehicle is not the only unique offering from Canoo, as their vehicles will be initially launched in Los Angeles on a subscription basis for customers. They will be taking care of all the paperwork needed to own and register a vehicle, making it as easy as signing up for a streaming service. This will give Canoo a fleet of cars that they will be able to manage remotely, providing many services to their owners such as repairs, etc. 

Electric cars definitely changed the automotive world but Canoo decided to take things further by completely changing the concept of owning a vehicle. We are very excited to see the company hit the market with its cars and how it will all pan out for LA.