Cero One E-Cargo Bike - Your Environment Friendly Baguette Carrier

Cero One E-Cargo Bike - Your Environment Friendly Baguette Carrier - TheArsenale

We've seen fleets of E-Bikes being released, coming in all sorts of shapes. The Billy BMX, an evolution of the classic shape into a modern e-bike. The RadMini Fat Tire, a quirky all-terrain e-bike with folding capabilities. Then there's the HPC Typhoon Pro, an extremely fast offroad beast with motorcycle grade specs and parts. But yet, the Cero One Cargo E-Bike made the list. Not only because of its form factor, also because of its usability.


The Cero One bike could be considered the family station wagon, a people and grocery carrier that effortlessly takes care of these tasks without limping in performance. It was designed to be as useful as possible which can be noticed in the front size difference compared to the rear. To make space for the front cargo area, the Cero One uses a much smaller front tire. This way, you got equal storage space on both ends that allows you to bring your groceries back in one trip. Men, we know how important the one trip concept is to us. 


To get around, the Cero One uses performance Shimano parts with a 93 mile range battery that will assist your pedaling for speeds up to 20 mph. There are lights both in the front and back as well as reflective decals for maximum visibility in traffic. A built-in steel lock will keep your bike safe as you do your shopping. The puncture resistant tires assure you'll have an uninterrupted trip back home. While it may not be the perfect bike to take for a cruise on a sunny Miami boulevard, we can't help but dream about riding it in the narrow streets of Paris carrying the baguettes, cheese and wine in the front rack. Get your Cero One E-Cargo Bike here.