HPC Typhoon Pro - E(xtreme)-Bike

HPC Typhoon Pro - E(xtreme)-Bike - TheArsenale

Hi Power Cycles' is one of the few companies in the world making insane hybrids of e-bikes and dirt bikes. They've found the perfect formula, a lightweight construction with a powerful electric engine to boost it up forest hills. While the Typhoon Pro is hard to get outside of the US; the SWIND EB-01 is available worldwide and can be purchased by clicking here!

Based on the original Typhoon by HPC, the Pro version takes things to the extreme. Using a DVO suspension with a travel distance of 8", the bike can easily go through harsh terrain while still keeping you in place. The rear uses a Jade monoshock that absorbs all sorts of abuse you might throw its way. What's great about these is that you can tailor them to your weight so it responds exactly how you want it to. 

hpc typhoon pro suspension rear

You can also choose between different electric engines, the default one sits at 6000W of power while an optional 7000W is up for grabs as well. With its advantage of instant torque, the 120lb-ft are instantly available and the bike can go up to 42 mph. To make up for the power, a pair of Magura hydraulic brakes have been installed to guarantee slowing down. This makes the HPC Typhoon Pro the perfect bike to ride uphill and downhill as well.

hpc typhoon pro front view

The HPC Typhoon Pro is available off their website starting at 11,500 USD.