Citroën Type H Van - Retro-future camper van

Citroën Type H Van - Retro-future camper van - TheArsenale

The Citroën Type H Van entered production half a century ago and while it didn't enjoy the same success as its Volkswagen counterpart; it still remains a style icon for classic vans. Just last year, Caselani Automobili created a Type H conversion kit for the Citröen Jumper; this time it's the French manufacturer themselves created a concept. 


The Type H WildCamp is covered in a 1977 beige color that pays tribute to the classic safari cars and motorhomes. Inside, the camper van has a Roadmap R conversion from Pössl. The amenities include a kitchen area, rear bed, multi-leaf dining table and bathroom. You will be able to enjoy a full sized shower in the inside as well as a fully-equipped kitchen with a dual-burner gas stove, stainless steel sink and a fridge/freezer. 


Powered by a BlueHDi engine, the WildCamp has 161 hp available on tap which are managed properly through intelligent features like ABS, electronic stability control and hill start assist. A Poclain traction control system with limited-slip differentials will help you get grip on all surfaces and angles and the 9" Alpine infotainment system will make sure you're always blasting your favorite music everywhere as well as navigating flawlessly anywhere. 


While the car remains sort of a concept and show car, the determined buyers will be able to purchase the bits and pieces together to recreate the package. You can get the Jumpy L2H2 with the Pössl Roadcamp R kit for €41,459 here and then the Caselani Type H body kit for €27,132. It certainly is not the cheapest conversion out there but it is the coolest. 

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