Curtiss Hera - Reimagining the V8 in Electric

Curtiss Hera - Reimagining the V8 in Electric - TheArsenale

Curtiss Motorcycles has a long story behind it; ever since its founder Glenn Curtis set the world record in 1907 with his Curtiss V8 motorcycle. In homage to the iconic motorcycle, Curtiss has attempted to bring the motorcycle into the 21st century by using an electric power unit.


Named Hera, the all-electric flagship motorcycle is another Greek-god nomenclature added to their lineup. Curtiss CEO Matt Chambers said that they want to create the world's most luxurious motorcycle. To honor the record-breaking motorcycle, the batteries have been put together in a V8 formation and then connected to an E-Twin motor. Hera has a wheelbase of 66-inches, longer than most motorcycles; something entirely out of its class.


As Harley-Davidson announces its electrical motorcycle, more and more companies are looking to get into the e-motorcycle market. We think Curtiss is definitely doing something different from its competitors, creating a unique experience for each of its models.