Curtiss Releases Godlike Electric Zeus Cruiser

Curtiss Releases Godlike Electric Zeus Cruiser

Last year, Confederate Motorcycles announced that it was now retracting itself from the high end V-Twin motorcycle building to enter a new era of electric motors and therefore change its name to Curtiss Motorcycles. Now, they have released their first all-electric motorcycle that keeps all of the Confederate traits and none of the pollution.


The Zeus was unveiled at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in California and it still remains WIP, actually in prototyping phase. Head of design over at Curtiss Motorcycles declared that the Zeus was the first among the upcoming hot rod gods that will be released from the company in the future. Separating itself from ICE motorcycles, Curtiss said that electric bikes can have very different design due to its different structural pieces. Do not get us wrong, the motorcycle still retains the bulkiness and muscle of its predecessors but it is unlike any other electric bike on the market.


Built around the rider, the Zeus is arranged to offer the best riding experience possible. There is no fake tank, components are beautifully scattered for perfect weight distribution and the little details like the lights and signals are integrated into other parts. The only clear specification is that the Zeus uses a 14.4 kWh Li-Ion battery in a T-Block formation that feeds two high output electric motors. The total power output is around 170 hp and 290 lb. ft of torque; insane digits considering the instant torque delivery of electric motors. The Zeus will be entering production in 2020 but until then, feast your eyes. 

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