Daniel Arsham's 3018 Exhibition

Daniel Arsham's 3018 Exhibition - TheArsenale

For those unfamiliar with Daniel Arsham's work, we will try to enclose them is as few words as possible; modern art characterized by a pale palette of colors that turn ordinary objects into freshly-discovered fossils. However he has done architectural works, stage designs, set designs and much more.

For the 3018 exhibition in particular, the objective was to imagine what objects of our time would look if discovered a millennia ahead of time. A 1961 Ferrari 250GT California and a 1981 DeLorean have been coated in ashy colors with many missing pieces to simulate decomposition. In the middle a pile of rubble created for the Galerie Perrotin NY in 2015 brings the pieces together along with sculptures of cartoon characters covered in a cloth and then tightened by ropes. 

Today is the last day of the open art exposition so for our readers in NY, hurry up and don't miss it.