Diamond Atelier XSR900 'Aeon'

Diamond Atelier XSR900 'Aeon' - TheArsenale

Based out of Munich, Germany; Diamond Atelier has set their ame on the custom motorcycle scene as an ambitious and bold garage. They have constantly released jaw dropping motorcycles, and one of their finest creations, the DA#5 Suzuki DR650 is available on our marketplace as well.

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DA#5 Suzuki DR650
Their newest build, the 'Aeon" is based on a factory-fresh Yamaha XSR900. Diamond Atelier built this motorcycle for Dutch watchmaker TW Steel. The Dutch horologists have already created a special edition to celebrate the creation of the motorcycle. The first step of the build was to essentially rip out all the cabling of the motorcycle, which totaled a length of around 328 feet. This was done to create the clean look of the motorcycle; a blend of elegant and sleek watchmaking lines with the bold design language of Diamond Atelier.
yamaha xsr900 aeon diamond atelier side view
The body has been extensively modified, with the tank being the main center of focus. It is quite easy to see why; a huge cutout in the tank of the motorcycle has created an attractive skeleton look. Despite being a rather aggressive design choice, Diamond Atelier carried out the task with subtle elegance. The air filters have been beautifully mounted below the tank cutout, once again enforcing the beautiful artistic functionality of the motorcycle. Capacity suffers due to the cutout, being limited to only 3 liters of juice per fill. That wouldn't be a problem as you wouldn't ride too far with this motorcycle without having crowds attracted to you.
yamaha xsr900 aeon diamond atelier rear three fourth view
Aeon is full of little details, and because it was based on a new motorcycle, not many upgrades had to be done. However, Diamond Atelier did not get lazy and installed numerous upgrades such as: K&N filters, a custom exhaust, lowered forks, Wilbers Blackline rear shock. Perhaps the most dazzling detail of the motorcycle is the front end. You'd expect to see a headlight here; but that's where you're wrong. Elegantly hiding under the headlight-flap is the beautiful TW Steel Aeon timepiece. 
yamaha xsr900 aeon diamond atelier tw steel watch
It is quite unusual seeing a cooperation between a watchmaking brand with a motorcycle garage, but anything coming from Diamond Atelier is certain to be a stunner. The added elegance of horology instilled by TW Steel creates a boldly designed motorcycle that manages to combine the finest elements of design with sheer aggressive design language.
yamaha XSR900 aeon diamond atelier tw steel rear seat view