Dior Homme BMX, Mixing Street Culture with Haute Couture

Dior Homme BMX, Mixing Street Culture with Haute Couture - TheArsenale

In the recent surge of fashion brands creating interesting collaborations in unorthodox ways, Dior has decided to follow suit by teaming up with French bicycle manufacturer Bogarde.

Bogarde has been part of TheArsenale ever since its conception and it offers one of the most interesting bikes in our market. Browse their inventory by clicking HERE! The Bogarde BMX is a tribute to the golden era of BMXs, when kids would ride them around until the street lights would turn on. Dior decided to team up with Bogarde to create an extravagant BMX that endorses the street culture around these bikes and the street cred of the Dior branding. 

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The 70 piece limited run of BMX will feature the iconic chrome finish of Bogarde with Dior badged leather covers in the handlebars and upper frame. Bogarde will also chime in the design with its iconic black and red accents as well. The brand's bee logo can be found engraved on the handlebars. If you're looking for a way to gain street cred and style points at the same time, the limited edition Bogarde x Dior Homme BMX is the perfect choice for you. Kris Van Assche has once again managed to blend haute couture with street culture in a seemingly effortless and stylish way.