eCub 2 - Electrifying an icon for urban commuting

eCub 2 - Electrifying an icon for urban commuting - TheArsenale

Sometime around last year, Shanghai Customs came up with their eCub conversion. Living in one of the busiest cities in the world where a motorcycle license is as expensive as a year's rent; they thought of the perfect solution for all those discarded Honda Super Cubs laying around. What started as a conversion kit, ended up being a fully fledged production model that is stealing the hearts of all motorcycling enthusiasts.

shanghai customs ecub 2 parts

Just like the first one, the eCub 2 uses Samsung lithium ion batteries that provide 40 kilometers of range. That's more than enough to get you around the city and also take you out on a joyride. With a top speed of 50 km/h, it's more than nippy around the streets. It's ripped body weighs the bare minimum so the 1000 watt electric motor can propel the bike with ease. 

shanghai customs ecub2 front rear view

The stripped down body has been reinforced with a aluminum milled swingarm that emphasizes the strength and rigidity of the Super Cub, a timeless rugged motorcycle. A mix of both classic and modern, the eCub 2 is where two worlds overlap to create a unique experience. 

shanghai customs ecub2 side view