ELEXTRA Electric Supercar Puts Efficiency on Par with Performance

ELEXTRA Electric Supercar Puts Efficiency on Par with Performance - TheArsenale

The newest entrance in the electric supercar battle is the brand new Elextra, a brand that delivers Swiss design with the solid build quality of German manufacturers. Said to be built in a low-volume manufacturing company, the ELEXTRA promises the highest quality imaginable.

ELEXTRA electric supercar front view

Behind the ELEXTRA supercar stands Swiss designer Robert Palm. He designed the ELEXTRA in Switzerland and decided to base it upon one of the the best electric vehicle platforms in the world. All of the cars will be hand-built in the vicinity of Stuttgart, Germany. Created as a homologation for the classic Italian supercar look, the ELEXTRA mixes a beautiful and sleek design with advanced technology. The car has been built around a stiff carbon fiber tub, covered in a lightweight and advanced carbon fiber body shell. Using carbon fiber has shaved off around 25% weight when compared to a normal car. 

ELEXTRA electric supercar rear view

The ELEXTRA uses a dual motor electric drivetrain that uses computing power to deliver torque to the wheels. This independent electronic distribution of torque delivers power better than a traditional AWD system. Powered by dual electric motors, the 680 hp ELEXTRA hits 0-100 in less than 2.3 seconds. These numbers put the car on the top of the quickest street legal cars in the world. Top speed however is limited at 250 km/h. What makes the ELEXTRA so special is the efficiency; with a promised mileage of 600km when averaging a speed of 100km/h. 

ELEXTRA electric supercar side view

While the competition seems tough for electric vehicles, the ELEXTRA seems to deliver substantial power blended with a classic Italian design. It's strongest standpoint however seems to be the mileage and efficiency of the electric motors. 

More information about the ELEXTRA on their official website : https://www.elextracars.com