ER Kit by Dab Design

ER Kit by Dab Design - TheArsenale

Motorcycle customization is as old as motorcycles themselves and the craft has not evolved much. Despite the newer tools, advanced technologies and enhanced production methods; customizing has been a garage job that needs cutting, welding, rewiring and a heap of time-consuming activities. What if there was a better way?

Dab Design, a custom motorcycle shop located in the wavy city of Biarritz in Southwestern France has created a bolt-on kit for 2014 or newer BMW R nineT motorcycles. Using the latest 3D scanning technology, Simon Dabadie has gathered precise data and dimensons of the bike which was then used to virtualize the motorcycle. Designed and simulated in a 3D environment, the 'Enhanced Racer' kit will be a viable choice for people looking to customize their motorcycle without the fuss. For many, the fuss is the best part but for some people it's just not a viable choice. 

The ER kit is comprised of many different parts. The front fairing is one of the most unique pieces, featuring a completely revamped front-end for the R nineT. A dual position lenticular headlight is coupled with a LED bar that's used as a running light. The front fenders are redesigned to keep dirt off your bike and also cover the fork. A new rear shell coupled with side guards will reshape the entirety of your R nineT's seat. It is also removable so you can re-mount the passenger seat if you're riding duo. A pair of radiator guards is also included, adding for extra protection. 2 CNC machined aluminum Dab Design emblems will also fit on the sides for extra flair. Following the signature asymmetry of BMW Motorrad; the headlights are the perfect homage to the bike's origins. 

The 'ER' kit has been tested, validated and it's proven to be ready for production. However, if you're familiar with manufacturing; it takes a bit of a capital to get it started. Being a world renowned house for making crotch rockets in different types; Dab Design finally decided to create its first custom motorcycle kit. 10 of the first early birds are getting a massive discount on the 'ER' kit so head on to their Indiegogo campaign HERE and claim yours!