Foiler Flying Yacht - Flying, Not Floating

Foiler Flying Yacht - Flying, Not Floating - TheArsenale

The Foiler by Enata Marine is a hybrid-powered hydrofoil that can raise as high as 1.5m above the surface, making wavy rides feel like a smooth ride. Despite foiler technology being available for years, no one has quite taken it to the level of the Foiler. 

enata marine foiler yacht sailing

Powered by a hybrid-electric diesel-electric propulsion system, the Foiler mixes luxury and hydrofoil technology resulting in an incredible experience. By using two 320 hp BMW engines connected to two electric torpedo engines from Enata Marine, the Foiler can go up to 74 km/h on water. With the full height of the foils, it can go up to 31 km/h. You can also sail in complete silence thanks to the electric mode, speed is limited to 18/5 km/h though.

enata marine foiler yacht

The Foiler will be able to carry 8 passengers in what could possibly be their most comfortable boat ride ever. No price has been yet announced but judging by its looks and what it's capable of, it's going to break the bank a bit. The video below demonstrates the Foiler handling rough sea waters in comparison to a traditional boat. 


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