Garage Italia Customs Opens New Milano Headquarters

Garage Italia Customs Opens New Milano Headquarters - TheArsenale

The new headquarters of Garage Italia Customs are located in one of the most historic automotive destinations for the city of Milan. Set in Agip's old station at the Accursio square; the revived headquarters of GIC are an imagination and realization of none other than Mr. Lapo Elkann himself. After three long years of work and restoration, the new headquarters are ready to be opened on the 7th of November, 2017. Be there and do not miss the spectacle! 

Mr. Elkann's vision includes a fine blend of art and automobiles and he is a strong believer of individuality and tailor-made things. Every car that goes through the creative staff of Garage Italia Customs ends up a unique masterpiece tailored to its driver. His new headquarters will house one of Italy's finest creative houses. 

The new breath given to the old station is a tribute to its historic importance; when trusty Fiat 500s would roam every corner of Milano's streets. Lapo wants to give life back to the station and have it blooming again with life and creativity. In his words, "An icon can not be changed, it can only be restored."; Mr. Elkann found the perfect place to create his works of art.