GMC Revives the Hummer in Electric Fashion

GMC Revives the Hummer in Electric Fashion - TheArsenale

The Hummer hit the market as a civilian vehicle after its successful military use and has since gathered a mixed bag of opinions. For many, it is the most embarrassing car to drive as it features all the military styling with none of the utility. 

GMC just unveiled that the military-inspired vehicle will be returning to the market with a new electric flavor. Hummers have always been extremely large vehicles and GMC made it clear that this will not be lost in the new edition. But weight will not be the only high number for this car as the company promised a 1000 hp powerplant and 11,500 ft-lb of torque, mind-numbing digits. Despite its gigantic size, the truck will be able to hit 100 km/h in only 3 seconds. GMC teased very little for the new Hummer but we had a chance to look at the silhouette which is a pickup, unlike the previous shortbed generations of Hummers. 

The new Hummer will be built in the Detroit-Hamtramck plant which will be overhauled to become GMC's first plant dedicated to solely building electric cars. We are excited to see how the new Hummer turns out and if some of the useless styling details have been left behind.