Heffner Performance Ford GT Stage II

Heffner Performance Ford GT Stage II - TheArsenale

Just a few days ago started circulating the rumor that Heffner Performance, Sarasota based twin turbo engine preparator, is back at it again. In truth describing their work like that is way reductive: what they actually do is taking European and American manufactured automobiles and turning them into 1000BHP plus drag race vehicles.

Despite being able to transform practically every car that comes to mind into a dragster, house specials are Lambos, R8s, Vipers and most of all Ford GTs, which with their currently available preparation packs allow to reach the unbelievable amount of 1100BHP at the wheel (!).

Rumors say that the second generation Elite twin-turbo system upgraded Ecoboost 3.5L V6 will be able to unleash about 2000 horse power and even more surprisingly it will be totally road-legal. It is also said that the new GT will be able to humiliate a brand new Bugatti Chiron in the ¼ mile and ½ mile racing bracket…

The price for the stage 2 package, still undisclosed, for sure won’t be low, probably similar to undoubtedly more mainstream hypercars. Anyway this is a totally different type of car and if you choose to buy one, it means you know what you want and it’s going through a straight section as fast you can.