Honda XR 250 Bypass By Republica Motocicletas

Honda XR 250 Bypass By Republica Motocicletas - TheArsenale

The crew of Republica Motocicletas is an example of the beautiful things that can happen when friends work together. It was, in fact, founded by childhood friends Carlos Sartor and Franco Loson.


The Argentinian workshop has been really successful lately and if there is anything these guys are good at, it would definitely be building motorcycles. Their latest creation is a custom Honda XR 250. As beautiful as it is, this motorcycle comes with a beautiful story as well. Franco Loson claims in an interview that the Bypass was bought by them for their own workshop it was never intended for a costumer.

After we started the design process, he said, we had an immediate response from a costumer insisted appearing to buy it from us, and in the end we did agree. According to the crew of the Republica Motocicletas, their goal was to aim for a  futuristic design for this motorcycle and it seems they have done much more than that.

The motorcycle was designed with a cafe racer-style tail because we really want it to give it something special and futuristic look, says Franco Loson. The most difficult part during the build process was the seat unit who was entirely hand made, featuring a cluster of flush-mounted integrated brake and turn signals.