Hookie Co. Magpie Ducati Scrambler 800

Hookie Co. Magpie Ducati Scrambler 800 - TheArsenale

Hookie Co. is a German powerhouse when it comes to custom motorcycles, as well as other goods to go along with. This time, they have taken under their wings (wink wink) a Ducati Scrambler 800 inspired by magpies.

Magpies are very intelligent birds and the people at Hookie are an intelligent bunch as well; so this bike features a bunch of cheeky custom upgrades that do not drift far away from its identity. The side covers have been replaced with new aluminum ones, as well as the rear end which now integrated an LED braking light within. Gone is the old fuel tank in favor of a custom made one which smoothly leads to a comfortable and lush Alcantara seat. All of the peripherals have also been ugpraded; Kellermann Atto turn signals, Motogadget M.view mirrors, LSL handlebar and clutch/brake levers and finally, their own in-house Hookie license plate.

Now this bike is not a crazy exploration of limits, it's a tasteful upgrade of what's already there. It's taking a few essential elements and putting them together, aggregating slight improvements in every part to create a redefined motorcycle that keeps a sleek profile with tasteful upgrades that only a trained, connoisseur eye can spot.