Icon Brand New Jack Has Mech Vibes

Icon Brand New Jack Has Mech Vibes - TheArsenale

Based on a brand new Suzuki Katana, Icon draws massive robot mech vibes to create their "Brand New Jack" motorcycle. In collaboration with Suzuki USA, they only had 30 days to get the motorcycle done. 

Since they had to work on a Suzuki Katana, the team wanted to really understand what made the motorcycle so iconic. Its iconic styling struck them as the most important aspect, with sharp angles and a futuristic look. The team then looked to emphasize the visual identity of the bike and headed to the drawing board with Gundam, Robotech, and Gobots in their head. The colors are a combination of yellow, blue, green and red that make us feel like it would transform into a mech robot when we're not looking. Although the visuals received a massive rework; the performance aspect was far from neglected. Icon fitted the bike with Leo Vince components, Avon tires, Galespeed wheels, Nitron suspension as well as twin endurance racing fuel ports. You can discover more about the motorcycle on Icon's website.