Impuls x BSTN Ducati 916 Concord

Impuls x BSTN Ducati 916 Concord - TheArsenale

As a matter of facts, fashion streetwear and automotive design do have many points in common: amongst others, both have their historic ispirational icons and in both of them creativity just can’t be contained. The Impuls x BSTN Ducati 916 Concord is the example of an hybrid son of these two worlds.

Born as a tribute to the Jordan XI Concord sneaker, just released worldwide, the collaboration between the two German companies, sportswear label and retailer BSTN and custom bikes manufacturer Impuls, may results in one of the best special motorbikes of the year.

The base bike choice is not random at all: It is a 1995 Ducati 916 indeed; the same year the XI Concord was first dropped, the 916 was winning her second (and not last) World Superbike Championship. ‘’It was groundbreaking in its own field, as Michael Jordan was in his. So we bought a 1995 model.’’, says Impuls main man Philipp Wulk.

The customization of the bike was carried out mainly on the aesthetic side: the paint is black and white, with just a few hints of ‘Concord blue’ to match the shoe and deliberately mismatched wheels and tires were mounted. At the front, there’s a black carbon wheel with a Pirelli Rosso Corsa II tire. The powder coated white wheel at the back mounts a Pirelli Diablo slick.

And the tires are right were the real touch of class comes: “We wanted to get the sole pattern of the shoe integrated into the tire profile,” says Philipp. “A great idea, but a real headache. In the end, it was the last part we finished.”

Well Philipp, we appreciate it.