Jaguar Revives the E-Type in an E-lectric Fashion

Jaguar Revives the E-Type in an E-lectric Fashion - TheArsenale

The Jaguar E-Type has been regarded as the most beautiful car ever designed by many names in the industry; including Ferrari founder himself Mr. Enzo Ferrari who owned one as well.


In an attempt to bring back the old British soul to life, Jaguar is reviving the classic icon by providing full electric conversions for existing owners. The concept was revealed during the Royal Wedding and received positive reactions by nearly everyone. While for most of us petrolheads, removing the symphony spitting engine to replace it with a vacuum sounding engine means spiritual death for the car; it's not necessarily a bad thing. 


Hear us out, we love the 4.2 L straight-6 the car has; it sounds amazing and retains the soul of classic roadsters with a smooth power delivery and sweet music coming out of the exhausts. Jaguar figured someone might get cold feet a few days after the conversion; so they made it fully reversible. You can bring it back to its gasoline days anytime if you decide that the electric motor doesn't cut it for you anymore. Jaguar is borrowing the technology from the Formula E Motor and the I-Pace; resulting in a 295 horsepower drivetrain. A 40 kWh lithium-ion battery provides 275 km of range; more than enough for a beautiful weekend cruise in a modernized icon. 


While we are not sure how to feel about removing the beautifully sounding engine from the car; it might not be a bad idea after all. The sound will not be there but you will in turn receive a more reliable car that's ready to go whenever you are (unless you forgot to charge your car, oops). Mixed feelings Jaguar, mixed feelings.