Jeep Teases Powerful Offroad E-Bike

Jeep Teases Powerful Offroad E-Bike - TheArsenale

When it comes to offroading, it is safe to say that Jeep knows a thing or two about it. During their 2020 Gladiator ad in the Super Bowl, prying eyes took a sneak peek at what seems to be a powerful, rugged e-bike to accompany your Jeep on offroad adventures.

Jeep claims that their e-Bike is the most powerful off-road mountain bike yet with the specs to back it up. The bike uses a 750W motor that provides 40 miles of thrilling offroad riding, thanks partially to 4.8-inch tires. Experts suspect the power unit is actually capable of 1.6kW but it has been tamed to avoid damaging parts or the rider. The bike also seems to sport high-end disc brakes from either Tektro or Magura. 

The bike is expected to go on sale in June 2020 but we have no idea about pricing or availability. One thing is for sure, when a bike is claimed to be a companion vehicle for a Jeep; that kind of capability does not come cheap.