Kubota Autonomous Tractor

Kubota Autonomous Tractor - TheArsenale

Kubota is one of the world's leading agricultural manufacturers and it seems that even the farming sector is now catching up with the advantages of using AI and automation. 

Looking at Japan's population statistics, Kubota noticed that there are fewer and fewer farmers in the country. So they decided to develop a concept that would help the few farmers left working in the country. Dubbed the X-Tractor, this autonomous machine is powered by lithium-ion batteries and is fully electric. The tractor uses a cluster of sensors, cameras, and GPS in combination with an AI system to navigate around farmlands. It comes with tracks instead of wheels, providing sufficient traction in any type of surface. With each track having a separate motor, the X-Tractor is capable of turning in a very tight radius. 

Kubota has not disclosed any information regarding the release of the X-Tractor but it better be on its tracks as competitors are already moving on the manufacturing process for their own take on autonomous farm vehicles.