La Bandita Speedster - Imagine it, build it, drive it

La Bandita Speedster - Imagine it, build it, drive it - TheArsenale

The 'La Bandita' Speedster is the world's first 3D printed car that has been entirely designed in virtual reality and engineered using AI. Brainchild of Hackrod based in LA, the project is a joint effort with Siemens to bring such technology on the road.


By using PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Software developde by Siemens, the two companies are putting all their cutting edge technology to create one of the most unique cars in the world. The first step is creating and designing the car in VR by using machine learning to improve the creation process. After the conceptual part, the car is then brought to life by using 3D printing. The chassis is printed using a hybrid metal disposition/CNC machine that uses 2319 Aerospace grade aluminum for maximum strength and minimal weight.


All of the clients have the chance to customize their car entirely by being part of the process from the beginning. The interior as well as the cockpit are ergonomically designed in VR according to the client's preferences, resulting in a tailored car for each customer. The team behind Hackrod is quite anomalous, a movie director and an aerospace engineer come together with the rest of the team to unite their passion for cars. This could be the future of the custom car building, making fast fantasies of people into realities.