Lafitte X-ROAD Off-Road Supercar

Lafitte X-ROAD Off-Road Supercar - TheArsenale

When Zarooq came out in 2015, we were showered with promises of a supercar born to be a powerful machine born by and for the sand dunes. However, in 2018 they just vanished off the face of the earth and left us all wondering what happened to their Sand Racer project. 

Their Operations Manager, Bruno Lafitte decided that the dream was too big to let it slip so he pursued to bring the Sand Racer to reality under a new moniker. Under the Lafitte badge, the Sand Racer is now closer to reality and it retains all of its former glory. It is now called the X-ROAD and uses a new engine; the LT3 with 470 hp in its lowest spec but up to 720hp for those of you that feel adventurous and want a "little" more oomph. 

The interior claims to be luxurious but it would be a sporty interpretation of the word, with a plethora of materials such as carbon fiber, leather and chrome. It could certainly feel a bit steadier as it's aimed to ride through sand dunes but with the 43 cm of suspension travel, we doubt there will be any discomfort. There are 30 planned for production with prices racking up to half a million dollars.