Lamborghini Countach E.V.E Concept

Lamborghini Countach E.V.E Concept - TheArsenale

The Lamborghini Countach is one of the most iconic supercars of all time. It was an icon of the 80s with its sharp edges and design. Wherever the car went, it drew all the attention. If the design didn't attract you, the V12 engine's roar surely would. 

We all know Khyzyl Saleem, an automotive designer responsible for some of the most exciting car concepts out there. Taking the iconic details of the Countach and mixing them with the new design language of Lamborghini, he has created a strange, period-correct modern version of the Countach; if that makes any sense. Instead of the pop-up lights, a LED strip shines through cuts in the car's body. The same treatment was applied to the back, with an enormous stoplight LED strip running across the back of the car as well as under the exposed exhaust system.

To complete the whole package, the car has received a low stance treatment with a dash of Rotiform ultra-wide wheels to top it all off.