Lamborghini Espada by Danton Arts Kustoms - life-size hot wheels

Lamborghini Espada by Danton Arts Kustoms - life-size hot wheels - TheArsenale

‘’Hot Rod’’ is a term generically used to define a large category of vehicles, usually low-cost classic cars, heavily modified, both on the aesthetic and the mechanic front. Showiness is clearly a key-word talking about hot rods: increased rims size and vivid colours are main features of this type of customs, specifically built to not go unnoticed.

The Lamborghini Espada surely is a classic car, but it certainly doesn’t need to be modified to be noticed and without any doubt is not a low-cost classic at all. Produced between 1968 and ’78, only 1277 models were built and its actual estimated price is around $200,000. Just thinking about making any changes to one of them may seem a profanation.

Alexandre Danton, owner of the french garage Danton Arts Kustoms, is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and start ripping off an automotive relic which the espada actually represent. The final result is inevitably a bit disorienting but nonetheless interesting, brave and certainly not disappointing.


The whole new car’s style is in line with the company’s previous works, including a porsche 964, a Targa 911, a pre-war peugeot 201 and many others: the chassis’ set-up is considerably lowered; the disproportionatley big, red, new wheels are left uncovered, outside the mudguard hollow; the engine covering part of the sides and the trunk have been completely removed, exhibiting the original, imposing 4L V12.

Many sketches of new work ideas keep surfacing on the social accounts of the french garage and they look very interesting (a G Class, a Miura, a 300SL and many more). We legitmately think Mr Danton will keep surprising us in future with very unconventional, hot wheels looking-like customs.