Lamborghini Sián - The Raging Bull's First Hybrid Supercar

Lamborghini Sián - The Raging Bull's First Hybrid Supercar - TheArsenale

Lamborghini's newest beast is named Sián which means lightning in the home dialect of the brand's town. The name hints at the powerplant of the Sián and is embodied in the front of it; strongly suggesting that the car will be lightning fast on the ground.

It's beating heart is shared with the Aventador SVJ, a time tested 6.2L V12 with a slight electric kick to it. The 48 volt system adds 34 horses to the car, totaling it to 819HP which makes it the most powerful production Lamborghini. The team behind Lamborghini said that the car will mark the first step of the brands towards the electrification of their lineup. The car will be capable of going to a 217 mph speed limit which will be electronically limited. 0-60 time is under 2.8 seconds. 

But the car is not only a capable performer, it is also quite the looker. The team at Lamborghini borrowed details from the Terzo Millennio concept while also reflecting the iconic 80s supercars. You could say it is a 21st century interpretation of the Countach but in a futuristic way; not retrospectively. Near the rear of the car the number 63 can be found, which as you guessed it is the number of cars produced as well as the number of seconds it took to sell out. It also carries historic importance as Lamborghini was founded in 1963. Costing $3.6 million each, the car also is one of their most expensive offerings.