Lamborghini Reventon - the missing link

Lamborghini Reventon - the missing link - TheArsenale

Looking back at the previous Lamborghini models, cars like the Gallardo or the Murcielago, already seem to us obsolete classic cars, despite the fact that no more than 6-7 years ago were the best of what the supercar market had to offer. This makes the idea of how automotive design and technology have evolved in the last decade and how their acceleration rate is growing up.

Sometimes, we tend to forget about key cars, which are so important for the car industry for the simple fact that from the first moment you lay your eyes on them, you won’t be able to look at others the same way you did before: this is exactly what design evolution is all about.

The Reventon was first unveiled at the 2007 Frankfurt IAA and it left eveveryone with their mouth wide open. The design by Filippo Perini was deliberately inspired by the Lockheed Martin-Boeing F-22 Raptor aircraft; the black alcantara-leather-carbon interior mix and the G force-meter on the dashboard’s display seems to insist on the car’s similarity to a fighter jet.

 It actually represents the missing link between the Murcielago, which the Reventon is actually based on, and the Aventador, currently in production and still characterized by some exterior main traits of the exclusive, ante litteram hypercar, like the front air intakes and the rear lights.