In an impressive showcase of futurism coupled with tradition, Italian vehicle company Lambretta unveiled its latest creation, the Elettra, at the International Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition (EICMA) 2023 in Milan. The Elettra, an electric scooter with a kinetic backend hydraulic design, garnered attention for its innovative design elements and state-of-the-art features. Using their 77 years of history as a foundation, Lambretta has brilliantly combined design cues from the past with latest technologies to cater to the contemporary urban commuter. One striking example is the semi-blue LED lighting strip that lends the electric scooter a glow in the dark, creating a cyber city aesthetic.

The Elettra, which now has moved beyond the concept phase towards actual production, boasts a sleek design free from traditional aesthetics. Instead, it places its faith in a geometric and rubberless handle design and a hexagonal white beam that ensures safe night-time riding through enhanced visibility. In addition, the scooter also carries two front lights at its lower end to tackle road bumps effectively. Blue-green accents playfully complement the silver, sleek contours of the scooter, adding a distinct character to Elettra.

Integrated with an 11 KW or 15 horsepower electric motor, Elettra promises performance along with aesthetics. The electric scooter's lithium battery, boasting 4.6 kWh capacity, comes with a charging time of around five hours and 30 minutes via the traditional 220-volt home system. However, a superior fast-charging feature allows the battery to charge up to 80 percent in just about 35 minutes when connected to public charging stations. The Elettra can reach a top speed of 110 km/h, making it an effective mode of transport for urban commuting. While the release date is yet to be disclosed, the anticipation around Lambretta's Elettra remains high.