Land Rover Back Packer Concept

Land Rover Back Packer Concept - TheArsenale

Land Rover has long been a synonym of off-road capability, ever since the conception of the Series I in 1947. They have long guarded their identity and heritage but they decided to upgrade their iconic Defender in 2020. Now, they are exploring the future of transportation and SUVs with the Back Packer Concept.

The futuristic vehicle takes the DNA of the Land Rover and brings it to a futuristic realm. Designed by Edwin Senger, the Back Packer is a vehicle that doubles as shelter and transportation method. The modularity of the car allows the driver to customize his vehicle depending on his usage. You can store a camping toilet, solar panels, cooking sets, fridges and much more. 

Offroad wheels poke out of the bodywork and they make for an extremely nimble package that would take the Back Packer anywhere. A concept like this surely provides endless capabilities off the beaten path and it surely would make for an amazing adventure vehicle; sans the range anxiety. However, by the time this concept becomes a reality, battery technology and solar panels will probably be advanced enough to keep it going as much as needed.