Liberty Walk - the art of Kaizo

Liberty Walk - the art of Kaizo - TheArsenale

When we think about Japanese car tuning, what we have in mind are ‘90s drift-race prepared vehicles, with cheap, disproportionate body kits and lowered suspensions that almost make the car touch the asphalt, excessive wheel camber angles and hypertrophic thrusters reaching 600 plus BHP.

Wataru Kato, founder of Liberty Walk, back in 2008, had the idea that Japanese style elaboration could become a form of art too. Kato, to tell the truth doesn’t like the word ‘tuning’ that much; he prefers ‘kaizo’ indeed, Japanese term for ‘remodelling’.

After an unsuccessful start with a Lamborghini Murcielago, he then continued reshaping expensive supercars like they were aged Toyotas, and the project finally took off in 2013, when LB presented a Nissan GT-R and a Ferrari 458 at the Las Vegas SEMA.

To date, more than 350 LB Works have been sold since that moment, rocking their visible nail riveting on the enlarged wheel arches and the aerodynamic skirts, rear wings, extra air intakes and racing sponsor airbrushings all over the body and the windshield, distinctive traits of the garage.

The are many supercar purists considering Kato and his team desacratos and we understand that their works could not meet everyone’s tastes and expectations. Their latest work, a Lambo Aventador in blue and orange classic Gulf livery, which actually is an awkward combination, polarized the public once again, freaking some and making the others falling in love.

Sure thing is that LB Works customs have personality (and the company name, Liberty Walk, says it all).